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Our Team

Sheeraz Naqvi

I am a control freak and super pedantic >


I co-founded AME with the intent to bridge the gap and to reduce the shocking underrepresentation of Asian and Middle Eastern communities on the stem cell bone marrow registers. Having seen families affected by blood cancer, struggling to find a suitable donor, I am enthused to take AME nationwide and beyond.

Contracts Manager

Why I Joined AME

Maryam Hilli

I travel a lot >

Maryam Hilli.png

The idea that I can help people by simply being a name on a register and potentially being able to save a life.

TV & Film Producer

Why I Joined AME

Fizel Nejabat

Spent a month in a temple in China! >

Fizel Nejabat.png

No one else was putting out the message about blood cancer and stem cell donation - so why not me?


Why I Joined AME

Fatema Jaffer

A favourite hobby of mine is learning about Cognitive Psychology >

Fatema Jaffer.png

The work they do is so vital yet so overlooked I was inspired to join to be a part of the miraculous work they do to give those in need of stem cells a second chance by saving their lives.

Mental Health Worker

Why I Joined AME

Yasir Burney

I love watching cooking shows but prefer eating food to making it >

Yasir Burney.png

When diagnosed with blood cancer you face a daunting road to recovery, filled with extremely harsh treatments and strong side effects. I want to make it easier for a stem cell donor to be found for patients in need

Senior Product Owner

Why I Joined AME


Ambitious >

Ayat Al-Murshidi.png

Helping those who are in need and seeing change for the better in someone else’s life is a great blessing and I wish to be part of a team that is willing to help those people.

Pharmacology student

Why I Joined AME


I’m an eyelash technician >

Maryam Alesia.png

It’s a really good cause to be apart of, I’m really passionate in helping those who can help make a difference to our society!


Why I Joined AME

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